Let your best customers become
your brand ambassadors!

Are your customers showing off your products using Instagram to all their friends? If they are and you are not displaying these images on your website, you are missing a great marketing opportunity.

Whats The Opportunity?

To show new potential customers how current customers are enjoying your product! What better way to market your products by having existing customers be your product advocate!

Let Your Customers Do the Selling!

Your customers are using social media to promote your products, why not feature them on your website to show other potential customers how much they love your products!

Our Awesome Core Features

There are countless reasons why our service is better than the rest, but here you can learn about why we’re different.

Moderate all images before they are made public on your site to prevent any inappropriate pictures being displayed.

Setup the app in just a few clicks and embed your feed anywhere in your store. No coding skills required.

Our modal pop-up  lets your users view all your photos and descriptions without ever leaving your Shopify site.


Install AuthentiPix

Install AuthentiPix from the Shopify app store with our quick and easy process.

Create a Campaign & Approve Images

Next create your first campaign and start approving images to be displayed.

Select Widget & Embed

Copy & Paste your Instagram feed into any Shopify page. No coding skills required!

What AuthentiPix Customers are Saying

We are loving the new and improved Authentipix. Great customer service and prompt replies.
Highly recommend.

- Graine

Fantastic APP! We have been using for about a month now and love how the feed looks on our store. Also love how we can review and choose which images to show on our site, based on either our Instagram feed or our hashtag/s. Setting it up was pretty straightforward, and when I did need assistance with something it was actioned very promptly. Would highly recommend AuthentiPix!

- Indy Slopestyle

Kyle in your customer service department was extremely helpful. My emails were responded to quickly as were my issues. I'm very much looking forward to using this app!

- Kenya Rice

Great app that does exactly what I wanted. I add some technical issues recently that I couldn't resolve myself and the support team we're amazing. Followed up the issue with me and had it resolved with no hassles whatsoever.

- Infamous Friends

We had a good experience with this developer - helped us customize the app to our store. Thanks!

- California Republic Clothes

Great product and excellent customer service. Definitely improves the overall quality and look of our website.

- Potaito Boards

If you have an Instagram with great photos, this is the perfect app to showcase them. The price is a bit high though, for what seems to be an easy customization if you know how to code, but one's lack of coding knowledge is what you're paying for.

- Huff Puffers

Super simple to use. Does what they say it does The filtering system in particular is great. Had a minor request and their support was able to help me figure it out.

- Urban Halo

Approved App!

Officially approved in May 2016, AuthentiPix is an officially approved Instagram app!